Alive again!

I haven’t posted anything in a while, other than some little tweets and much (mostly) pointless facebooking. I remember reading a post from David Sliker’s blog which said that his wife can tell where his heart is at based upon how recently he has posted to his blog. This is also very true of me. I haven’t posted anything in 7 months, and it has certainly been a dry spell. 😛

I was driving home from work and I felt so “dry and crusty.” I was talking to the Lord during my drive, because I really wanted Him to interrupt and re-invigorate my ever-so “Blah” existence. I really wanted Him to direct me to a place of encounter so I could meet with Him. I was desperate because for so long I had denied Him by saying in my heart, “I’m doing ok on my own, I don’t need Your presence, God.” I remember so many instances in the last two weeks when He came to visit me (especially during work), and I just ignored Him, because I thought I was doing ok on my own.

I’m really thankful that the Lord totally blasted me with His Life, and gave me more revelation of His heart. I really had a heart cry out of Psalm 49:

Psa 49:3 My mouth shall speak wisdom, And the meditation of my heart [shall give] understanding.

It made me think… What is the meditation of my heart? Is it wisdom? Is it revelation? Is God in there hardly at all?

I’ve also been dealing with how seriously Facebook and Twitter have stolen my blogging thunder. Why spend the time to put your thought into elegant flowing prose* when you can

mash out 140 chars of TEH schweet tweets?

*Okay, nothing on my blog may pass as truly elegant prose, but at least there’s no character limit. 140 characters isn’t writing, it’s a thought packet. Makes me think of 1984 and “Newspeak” 😉

2 thoughts on “Alive again!

  1. Your blog was at the top of the page after I hit “tag surfer” and I didn’t get any further, for I was struck by the word “meditation.” This word comes from the Hebrew “hagahah,” meaning to murmur; to mutter; to growl; to sigh; to moan; to roar; to meditate; to muse; to speak; to whisper.” Eugene Peterson uses the analogy of a dog gnawing on a bone, getting everything it can out of it. The word also describes the low moaning sound of a dove (Isa. 38:14).

    This got me wondering: what is my heart gnawing on? If people could listen to my thoughts, would they be mostly of God and His goodness, or would they be of my next blog and the potential number of hits it will take. For me, too often its the blog hits. OUCH!

    I want my heart to murmur, sigh, growl, moan and utter the goodness and glory of God. But in reality, I spend too much time thinking about my self and my place, or perceived lack of a place, in the Kingdom. This may not have been the purpose of your blog, but I thought you’d like to hear how it affected me. Thanks.



  2. Blessings man. I also started this blog with many self-interesting delusions… as always God has brought me to reality… His reality. Thank God!

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