He’s Just So Good

I had an interesting dream last night when I was in Kansas City.

I dreamt that I was out somewhere and ran into a couple who are friends of mine, having dinner. I stood at their table conversing, and they were talking about worship songs they really liked. They mentioned a Cindy Morgan CD they really liked, and I echoed that I really liked that song too, but I realized that they were actually talking about a different song, at the end of another CD of hers I really liked.

All of a sudden, I just burst into tears (in the dream). I was weeping so hard, I covered my face with both my hands. I had realized that there was yet another song from yet another CD that was birthed in the Spirit, which had carried me through yet another awful period in my past.

My friends asked me why I was crying, and I looked up and said,

“He’s just so good!”

The interesting thing is that I only ever had one Cindy Morgan CD in reality. However, there was one song that always really ministered to me in those days (circa 1998-2001) and it was “How could I ask for more” (a.k.a. “Thank You Lord”):


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