Where am I?    Where am I going to?
    Do I really have any control over my
        altitude, speed, vector, constancy, or destination?

Hurtling end-over-end like there’s no tomorrow,
    queue up the in-flight entertainment
        as my ship careens dangerously close
            to the un-doing singularity.

Slack yoke and static-filled comms,
    littered snack wrappers, old Galaxy Mall magazines
        float about my cabin as my
            blanched face is ever lit in the embracing glow of my
                undying diversion.

                    [PLAY NEXT EPISODE]

I remember this…

I’ve been in a season of transition for the past few months (in other words, I’m trying to figure out how to make a living without hating the process), and I decided yesterday (Sunday) to spend every evening I could at my church’s prayer room, which is open on most weekday evenings. I was hoping to get some insight about my career and sort some things out “upstairs,” but I got more than I expected in the best way possible: tonight felt like waking up from a long sleep, spiritually.
I’ve been to our prayer room many times over the past couple years, though definitely not as often or as regularly as I would have liked. Every time I was there, whether during an internship or as an excursion out of my “regular life,” I either felt like I was coming up for air after holding my breath after a long time, or like I was frantically trying to take a quick sip from a well in the middle of a desert. Clumsy analogies aside, I felt I was there to get something that would help me on my life’s journey, particularly a feeling of joy and fulfillment in the midst of a life that was far too hectic, disorganized, and confused.

I entitled this post “I remember this,” because that is precisely how I felt tonight, like waking up after a years-long stupor. What I remembered was the understanding of the house of prayer as a destination, rather than a quick filling station. I remembered the calling to a life of prayer and conscious intimacy with my Savior, and for the first time in a long time, that recollection did not arouse feelings of guilt, fear, or jaded cynicism.

This blog hasn’t been updated very frequently in the past six years, and to be honest, I haven’t been able to relate to the person who wrote these first blog posts for a long time. Tonight was the first glimpse of who I was a decade ago, underneath many layers of doubt and exasperation.

I remember what it means to be called as an intercessor (a person focused on prayer). I remember what it meant to have a life that’s not just about survival and making to the weekend/payday.


Greetings, folks! I’m writing this just to announce that this blog is going to start getting regular updates again. This is primarily because I want to hone my ability write and express myself well, but also because there are occasional things that I will want to give an opinion about. Hopefully it will be a useful one.

Stay tuned!

How to be a peacemaker

I’ve just realized that I’ve been doing a lot, and I love it.
Here’s the scenario:


Person A: Person B is totally wrong!

Person B: Person A is totally wrong!

Me to Person A, individually: You know, I see what you’re saying, but I think you really need to think about X and Y

Me to Person B, individually: You know, I see what you’re saying, but I think you really need to consider W and Z

I don’t mean that you should be a yes-person or two-faced in any way, but trying to see both sides of the argument really can help someone see the other side indirectly, especially when they are blind to any other viewpoint.

Saying “Yes,” then, “No,” is a lot more effective than saying “No,” now and, “Yes,” later.



He’s Just So Good

I had an interesting dream last night when I was in Kansas City.

I dreamt that I was out somewhere and ran into a couple who are friends of mine, having dinner. I stood at their table conversing, and they were talking about worship songs they really liked. They mentioned a Cindy Morgan CD they really liked, and I echoed that I really liked that song too, but I realized that they were actually talking about a different song, at the end of another CD of hers I really liked.

All of a sudden, I just burst into tears (in the dream). I was weeping so hard, I covered my face with both my hands. I had realized that there was yet another song from yet another CD that was birthed in the Spirit, which had carried me through yet another awful period in my past.

My friends asked me why I was crying, and I looked up and said,

“He’s just so good!”

The interesting thing is that I only ever had one Cindy Morgan CD in reality. However, there was one song that always really ministered to me in those days (circa 1998-2001) and it was “How could I ask for more” (a.k.a. “Thank You Lord”):


“I am the Lord your God…”

Tonight, I was chilling out at the house of prayer with a couple friends following a birthday party for one of the children. I had been feeling really aimless and confused about life, like God was a million miles away, even though I had kinda been hearing His voice. I got home from Onething ’11 and immediately got sick for over a week, and as soon as I got back to work, my manager gave me a poor performance review. This means most likely that I will lose my job in the coming months.

I’ve spent a lot of time talking to my relatives for wisdom and advice, and I have felt like I’m being flooded with dozens of options, from the simple (apply for a job here) to the potentially life-altering (try this certification program at this college). They’re all good options, nobody is telling me to go jump off of a bridge. However, I have felt really lost in the sea of options, struggling to hear God’s voice, to know what is the good, acceptable, and perfect will of God.

So, tonight I was chilling out in the prayer room after the birthday party, and I began feeling this sense of rest (or I was just sleepy, but it was more than that!) After worshipping for several minutes, I just took a row of chairs and crashed. I thought I would just rest and be in a “receiving” posture in worship, but I actually fell asleep for the better part of an hour. When I woke up, Audra Lynn was on the IHOP web stream, singing Jenn Johnson’s song, “Come to me:”

I am the Lord your God,
I go before you now.
I stand beside you
I’m all around you
And though you feel I’m far away
I’m closer than your breath
I am with you
More than you know

I am the Lord your peace
No evil will conquer you
Steady now your heart and mind
Come into my rest
And oh, let your faith arise
And lift up your weary head
I am with you
Wherever you go

Come to me, I’m all you need
Come to me, I’m everything
Come to me, I’m all you need
Come to me, I’m your everything

I am your anchor, in the wind and the waves
And I am your steadfast, so don’t be afraid
Though your heart and flesh may fail you
I’m your faithful strength
And I am with you
Wherever you go

Come to me, I’m all you need
Come to me, I’m your everything
Come to me, I’m all you need
Come to me, I’m your everything

Don’t look to the right or to the left, keep your eyes on me
You will not be shaken, you will not be moved

I am the hand to hold, I am the truth, I am the way
Just come to me, come to me
Cause I’m all that you need

(Youtube link)

When I awoke to that song, it was like the Lord was singing it right to me! It really filled my heart with faith, and encouraged me to seek Him out for the answers to all of the issues and questions that have been plaguing me recently.

Update: The IHOP set that contains the song I heard is now available (and may only be around for a couple weeks after this post was written). Here is the direct link, and the song starts at around 1:07:40.


Tonight I was at a prayer meeting, and I started wondering about discerning spirits and really wondering what happens when I think I’m hearing God, but it doesn’t come to pass (very specific things). I started retreating back into a bubble of religion, and I saw myself in this little bubble, with fire all around me, but not able to penetrate my little bubble if I didn’t want it to.

I was having dinner afterwards with a friend, and I remembered what another friend of mine said concerning me many years ago, “One of these days you’ll hear a really loud ‘HALLELUJAH!!!’ followed by a flash of fire, and you won’t be able to find Ram after that.'” That memory led me to coin the phrase, “Translation by combustion.”

As I was driving home, I was pondering these things, and how I very nearly went to back to familiar old (and in my opinion, futile) religious mindsets, and nearly despised the last three years of fire and passion for God in my life because I was afraid of being misled by the enemy (retreating into “religiosity” devoid of the revelation of Jesus). As I was driving home, I was listening to Jon Thurlow’s CD, “Songs about Jesus,” and the track “Every Tear.” The song started ministering to me strongly, and I put the song on repeat. Even when I got to the area I live in, I still drove around that area for about an hour, not wanting to go home just yet.

I was reminded of the cry of my heart from years ago: “I want to see the Son of Man!!” My heart started flowing and burning again with meditations based on the scriptures in the song (Revelation 7:13-17). I started praying, singing, screaming and crying out the desires of my heart, freshly exposed by the Spirit of God, and talking to God as I drove around the area I live in.

The end (purpose) of my existence is to behold, dwell with/in, and encounter the Son of Man, and everything else in my life is either secondary, or birthed out of that encounter. I encountered God’s heart in a very real and intimate way three years ago, and that has basically ruined the rest of my life (in a good way… I think!!).

The truth and desire that I reaffirmed on my little drive around the area is that I want to see, experience and dwell in the center of God’s heart. I don’t really know what that means except in the depth of my spirit, where passion and desire for God rages like an utterly abandoned madman.

Back to the catchphrase: “Translation by Combustion.” I believe that the Apostle John was an utterly wasted man after he saw, experienced, and finally wrote the Book of Revelation. Tradition has it (I love this story), that at the end of his life, since the church expected him to live forever, they would kinda prop him up, and all he would say is, “Love Jesus, and love one another.” I do not think this was his advanced age which caused him to speak and act that way. I believe that man was burned up/consumed from the inside out! He was translated by combustion. His heart was burnt up and translated to heaven/to the reality of the Book of Revelation long before his body succumbed to age. The man was burnt out — inside out!!

I remember speaking with an older friend of mine a few years ago, and what he said really marked me. He looked at me with his eyes blazing and said (concerning the Book of Revelation): “It is coming, and it is here (at the door): but it is completely real and alive in here! (pointing to his heart).” Jesus Christ, will all of His joy, love, passion, and wrath was fully revealed in my friend’s heart — he was burning alive!

Song excerpt:

These are the ones who have –

They washed their robes in the –

they washed their robes

in the blood of the Lamb!

Bible verse:

Rev 7:13

Then one of the elders addressed me, saying, “Who are these, clothed in white robes, and from where have they come?”

Rev 7:14

I said to him, “Sir, you know.” And he said to me, “These are the ones coming out of the great tribulation. They have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.

Rev 7:15

“Therefore they are before the throne of God,

and serve him day and night in his temple;

and he who sits on the throne will shelter them with his presence.

Rev 7:16

“They shall hunger no more, neither thirst anymore;

the sun shall not strike them,

nor any scorching heat.

Rev 7:17

“For the Lamb in the midst of the throne will be their shepherd,

and he will guide them to springs of living water,

and God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.”